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  • Finding the Best Website Builder for Beginners


    Creating a website can be, in all honesty, as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Many people make the decision to simple pay for someone to make their site for them, which is usually the easiest option of all, if not the least expensive. Others, usually of a more creative or involved nature – or those hoping to save some cash – will decide to use the best website builders to create their own website.

    Using the right website builder can make or break a successful website. People care about both how a site looks and how it works. An amateur looking, hard to navigate website will have people laughing at your efforts and not taking its content seriously. In this same vein, a well-designed website will add credibility to your business or concern.  People will be more likely to respect and use your site if you have a well-designed, professional looking web design in place.


    Now this leads us to trying to find the best website builder that the average person can use. Many factors go into choosing this. You have to ask how easy it is use, how easy it is to learn and how capable it is in making an advanced website.

    The first is one of the most well-known sites, Webs.com. This site, which used to be known as freewebs.com, has long been the choice for many beginners’ websites. A website made there can be completely free of charge but your options in terms of design and function will be a little restricted but for a basic, personal website it can be perfectly serviceable and it is possible to purchase services that will expand on this and E-Commerce options are available if they become needed.

    Another one of the best website builders, according to many reviews, is Square space.  Squarespace has some great marketing that have made quite a splash it the web builder world. Many impressive sites have been created using this particular web builder and its features are quite impressive for building even an advanced website.

    Many drag and drop functionalities are available that help make creation go quite smoothly. There are also lots of customizable templates designed by professionals that work very well indeed. The editor can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with web design, even if you stay away from HTML code. Although the initial site is free, at some point you will have to upgrade to a paid service to keep your site going so you should keep that in mind.

    Weebly is another well known, well established best website builder. Weebly is a good choice for people who are intimidated by the other, more complicated website builders. Weebly is designed with beginners or novices in mind when creating web content.


    Unlike Squarespace it is never necessary to upgrade to a paid service and there is no need to input credit card information to make an account. But if you are looking for a deep complex web builder, especially for e-commerce, Weebly is not likely the best choice. In addition the templates are hit-and-miss. There are quite a few that are available for use, but at the same time they are not the most professional templates, some of them being a bit unsatisfactory for a professional website. But despite this, for a beginner Weebly is probably the best website builder when it comes to approachable drag and drop functions.

    When selecting the best website builder for you, make sure you are selective enough to pick out one that suits you and your business best. If you are an experienced web designer, or have some design knowledge, you can easily make some fantastic sites with more advanced builders. Others may require more basic, simpler editors. Either way make sure your concepts are all straightened out and that your ideas are drawn out before determining the best website builder.

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  • Writing a Web Design Proposal That Lands the Gig


    There are thousands of web designers in the world who are all trying to find work, and if possible the best work. This means writing a good web design proposal. Without a well written and thought out proposal, a web designer cannot possibly hope to convince a client, particularly a high profile client, of their worth.

    The first thing to do is to essentially remind the company or client you are working for that they have a need for a talented web designer. As a popular los angeles web design company says, it is useful to bring up any new challenges in the market of the client, such as a new competitor they may be struggling with. Reminding the client why you are writing this web design proposal does of course require that you yourself know why. Take the time to discover just why this prospective client is in need of a web design or redesign, and make sure to push this as an issue.


    The next part in a web design proposal is to remind them that what they need to fix such an issue is a well-designed and attractive website. It has to be remembered in the modern world that the quality of a web site can bring in many new customers to a company that is either struggling to stay strong or a new company that is expanding and in need of some higher level assets. Be sure to target the company specifically.

    If you believe that their marketing is lacking be sure to accent this and demonstrate that a new ‘look’ is something can be done to help fix this. If the problem is in their graphical layout be sure to explain that a messy layout can be cleaned into a more professional and easier to use one.

    Then it is best to make the best or most well-known prominent in your web design proposal. Doing this can be what sets one good web designer apart from another and convinces the client that you are capable of creating high quality web content for them as well. The only way to make your web design proposal stick out above similar ones is to show that the evidence for a well-designed website is there.

    Pricing should be clear and easy to understand. Some clients may be frustrated if they cannot understand how payment will work so be sure to lay it all out for a potential client to read easily. It will be best to include how payments should be made, estimates for how much a certain project will cost and if possible the amount of time that will be needed to create the project. Also be mindful of the size of the client’s business. If it is a smaller client they will not be able to afford more costly projects, whereas a more expansive client will need more in order to expand their brand.


    As a nice touch, try to make sure the proposal itself is well designed. If a potential client likes the design of your proposal they may decide that you have done something right away to impress them. First impressions can be quite a strong factor is decision making and the design of your web design proposal is the first thing a client will notice about it.

    A web design proposal is one of the most vital components to getting the web design job that you are looking for. Making an attractive, informative, persuasive and memorable proposal is important in becoming successful in web design. It is also worth mentioning that there is specific software that can be used for web design proposals, which can help in constructing the perfect proposal.

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  • The Best Web Design Software

    website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet

    The best web design software has mostly stayed the same over the years. The best web design software is Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is an Adobe program that makes designing your website an easy and effective process. Dreamweaver is perfect even for people who don’t have much experience designing their own website. There are of course free alternatives to Dreamweaver and I will get to that later, but I think your best bet for web design software is Dreamweaver. Adobe even offers a free trial for those who want to try out this great software. Using Adobe Dreamweaver to design your website is recommended for anyone, because the way the program is designed, anyone can use it. The internet offers many great tutorials for Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a great software to look into.


    You can go over to Adobe.com and find the free trial for you to try. Minimal coding experience will help you out a lot. Dreamweaver lets you take full control over your webpage and it really helps you out because most of the process is drag-and-drop and entering in your website data. Dreamweaver is one of the best web design software for the common web developer. Even if you are inexperienced the program offers you custom templates if you would like to use one, or if you are just trying to make a website quickly. It is recommended to only use a template if you can still make your webpage unique. Know the difference between a unique website and a not so unique website. Be sure to add a personal touch to every webpage you create.

    Now if you don’t have the budget for Dreamweaver there are some free alternative. One of the best free alternative to Dreamweaver is a program called Aptana. It is a free alternative web design software that might not be as good as Dreamweaver but it seems to have a lot of similar features. Now when you go with a cheaper alternative, no matter what the product, do not expect perfect results. If you have the money and really want to start web designing, I recommend Dreamweaver. So if you want an open-source program you can go with Aptana or you could Google some other programs. There are many out there if you just look.

    There are much other software you can also look into, such as, WebEasy Professional 9, Intuit Website Creator, and Web Studio. WebEasy is about $50, Intuit starts from as low as $7.99/month for one website, and Web Studio is over a hundred dollars. I think that there are many options for you to try but the best product out of all them, based on professionalism is Dreamweaver, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives. The best web design software really depends on the individual, some may work better for others. You should try a couple programs with no money down and see what works best for you.


    Overall, I would have to say that your best is Dreamweaver. Adobe offers a free trial so you can try it and if you don’t like it don’t use it, but it is very simple. The other products you might find will work great for you but not for others so do your research well but take it with a grain of salt. Know what works for you and know how much experience you have with these programs before buying any web design programs. Well those are the best web design program so make sure you do your research and choose wisely.